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    Brahmin Students who are pursuing college education and like to receive a an Interest free (%) tuition loans from BEST should “Apply”. You can be pursuing any course of education, sciences, economics, politics, history, literature, music, arts, religion, Etc.

    How to apply for scholarship

    Soliciting loan applicants:

    We notify social organizations of Brahmins to help us propagate the information. We write to colleges to provide interest free loans, if they are allowed to.



    Students who are applying for the loans should be either studying in the college or should be joining the college. For some studies like Hindu religion, Sanskrit, etc.., non – college students are also eligible to apply. Students need to register themselves with BEST by filling the registration form and attach the previous achievement record as a PDF file.

    Every application will be considered. The amounts sanctioned will be made available to your college or institute at your direction upon execution of the loan papers with the administration of BEST.

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