01. FAQ for Students

Who can apply for a Scholarship?

A. Students paying tuition fees for college are eligible. Students of any discipline and any study can apply (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounting, Economics, Statistics, Computers, Music, Vedic or even religious studies).

What are the eligibility criteria to apply for scholarships?

Students are required to apply online through the trust’s website: http://www.brahmined.org

How can one apply for the Scholarship / Grants?

Students are required to apply online through the trust’s website: http://www.brahmined.org

Which of the education expenses are covered by the Scholarship?

BEST grants cover college tuition fees and some software education

What are the supporting documents that are to be submitted along with the application for scholarship / grants?

(i) Marks list of the previous two years; (ii) Proof of family income: Copy of tax return filed by each parent. If none filed, Form 16 received by each parent. (iii) Proof of Identity of student: (a) If the student is above 18 years, Voting registration Card, OR (b) Family Ration Card; OR (c) Aadhar card; OR (d) College Identification Card.

What other particulars I need to provide along with the application?

The student is required to submit the particulars of the college/ university/ Institute/Organization of education. BEST check will be issued payable to college with student’s name in the memo column and mailed to student’s home address. Student will bring the check to college and use it in paying fees to the college, etc.

When are the scholarships awarded?

All year round.

Is the scholarship cheque given in my name?

NO. The scholarship, if awarded is directly paid to the college/University where the student is studying. The payment will show the name of student in the memo column on the check. A separate notification will be mailed to student indicating the remittance of grant check to college. If a student requests, we can mail to student check payable to college. Student can bring the check to college personally and get credit.

Is the Scholarship given in cash to me?

Yes. Trust does not give any non-refundable ‘grants.

Are any educational loans granted by the Trust?

No. Trust does not give any loans; only non-refundable grants.

If I get Scholarship this year, would I get the same continuously throughout the period of my education?

No. The scholarship is granted each year. Once gain your need and merit will determine your eligibility each year. The TRUST administrators are current or retired college professors and lecturers. They only will decide deserving candidates.

How many students from one family can apply?

Each student can apply. There are no constraints. Family or blood lines have no relevance. All the students in the family can apply. Each student must furnish all the information, even if another sibling from same family furnished some information already.

If I am doing two courses simultaneously, do I need to apply twice?

Yes. You should also apply every year. There is no cost of application.

If I fulfill all the eligibility requirements will I get the scholarship definitely?

If you rank high on the NEEDY lists and your scholastic achievements place you HIGH on the ELIGIBLE Candidates list. When the selection process is complete, the ‘awardees list’ is posted on the website at “Awardees List”.

What does the Trust expect from me in return?

Nothing. The trust encourages you to remember the help you received, become a DONOR to BEST later in life, when you can afford financially. Give hope to some other needy Brahmin student in your life.

02. FAQ for Donor

Can I donate in Foreign Currency?

No. Tax-exempt trust in India requires FCRA permission to receive donations from foreigners (including foreign citizens of Indian origin). If you contact us on Website by completing your information, we will contact you to facilitate your giving

Can I specify how my donation will be disbursed?

Yes. You can specify. The trust will earmark accordingly. For instance you are a Graduate of Grand Medical College, Chennai, or you are a graduate of KEM Hospital Medical School, Mumbai, you can limit your grants to students attending the college currently. Your donation will be kept in fixed deposits. Only the annual income is given as grant money. The student will be informed who is the donor.

Can I get a periodic report of my gift giving?

Yes. The trust management will send notification of grant disbursements.

Do I get any income tax exemption for the donation I make?

No. BEST is a Caste specific foundation; Brahmins helping other needy Brahmins. Only Brahmin Professors and lecturers can be trustees and administrators as per Trust mandate.