How to Donate

In India you can mail your check payable to “Brahmin Education Service Trust” to Union Bank with instructions to credit our account # with them.
If you are Non-resident Indian, please contact ‘[email protected]’ and you will receive the guidance.


The Brahmin Educational Service Trust was established in November,1996 and was duly registered as a ‘Tax Exempt Charity’. Income earned by the trust is not taxable.

Guidelines for Donors

You can simply register donor form. You will receive notification of how to remit.

Tax Deductibility

As a Brahmin caste specific charity, “contributions to BEST” are NOT tax deductible.

Donor’s Preference

Donors can specify to BEST the income to be distributed to students from a “college of their own” preference;
Donors can specify to BEST the income to be distributed to only students from their “own profession such as Medicine, Chemical Engineering, Computer Sciences, Software Development studies, Etc.”

In both instances we will need more help from you, giving particulars of college to reach out to students in that area.

Get in Touch!

If you would like to donate or want to understand further details, please click on the Contact button below.