Criteria for applying for a scholarship:
1. Financial need 2. Merit. Applicants will be first shortlisted according to their family income(on account of overwhelming response of nearly 14 applicants for each scholarship).Applicant from a family with least income qualifies first. Applicants who are in the list are further shortlisted according to their merit. Student with highest marks tops the list of eligible students for scholarship.

For Donors

Those who would like to provide scholarships to the Brahmin students who are studying in the college where they have studied earlier can send their enquiries to [email protected]. It is said that “Give man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime! As the trust disburses only income from your donation, you make one large donation; your grants will be every year in your college.

For Students

Brahmin Students who are pursuing college education and like to receive a non-refundable tuition grant from BEST should "Apply". You can be pursuing any course of education, sciences, economics, politics, history,literature, music,arts, religion,Etc.

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